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Old Sets
I've been fettling two lovely old sets of pipes for Jimmy Little. The Robert Reid set belonged to his grandfather and was the
set Jimmy started to learn on back in 1971 when he travelled through to Joe and Hannah's at Rowhope. The other set by
Baty of Wark was sold to Jimmy by Jack Armstrong and became Jimmy's set for most of his piping career.
The Baty Set (circa 1850)
The Robert Reid
set (circa 1830)
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New CD!
After 40 years of pipes tuition to groups and individuals, Anthony has produced a teaching package
for beginners. Ably assisted by pipes graduate Paul Knox it is based on teaching notes prepared
when he was asked to teach the pipes to 6 Iranian musicians in November 2004 and yes, there is a
Farsi version of the original notes out there somewhere!
The A4 booklet is designed to support the oral teaching approach presented on the accompanying
CDs 1, 2 and 3.   

CD 1Getting Started deals with basics including putting on the pipes, fingering the chanter,
controlling the bellows, the fingered scale and G arpeggio and two simple tunes, Three Blind Mice and
Hexham Races. It is played on  ‘standard F’ pipes.

CD 2  – The Tunes has 10 tunes (adapted where necessary) for the keyless chanter played normally
then slowly to enable students to join in. Tracks 1-19 are played in standard F pipes pitch. Tracks 20-
38 are played in G concert ‘school pipes’ pitch.
1) Hexham Races, 2&3) The Rowan Tree, 4&5) Whittingham Green Lane,
6&7) Flett From Flotta, 8&9) Scott Skinner’s Cradle Song, 10&11) Michael Turner’s Waltz,
12&13) Mallorca, 14&15) Leaving Lismore, 16&17) The Pipemaker’s Hornpipe, 18&19) Blowzabella.

CD 3 - Drones & Keys covers tuning drones to G major, D major and A minor and the use of keys with
examples of tunes using a 7 key chanter and those 3 key signatures.

CDs G1 and G2 contain the relevant parts of the main CDs adapted for the G concert pitch 'school
pipes' and can be substituted for the above on request.
For many years the Hedworth ivory G set was my only set of pipes.
This pleased Willie Taylor who was far from keen on his 'F' fiddle.
Will Atkinson had  mouthies in various keys and could
accommodate all equally well. It was only when Joe obtained his G
set from Mike Nelson that we were able to play together
Cost including 3 CDs  
£20:00 GBP
(+ £3:00 global shipping)

To pay by cheque please email
The teaching session in 2004 that gave rise to the teaching package 9 years later!
Clear (?!) instructions written in English which were translated into Farsi and printed in both languages. The instructions were
read out in Farsi with help from two Iranian interpreters (closest to Anthony)
"The visual pictures and audio guidance for the first steps are excellent
and clear, valuable material for beginners to refer to and go over,
especially when they are getting used to them on their own at home, in
between lessons in the early stages"
. Gwennie Fraser
Thanks to Ernie Gordon (Geordie Jock) for use of this extract from his Will Atkinson Tune Book - sadly no longer in print
Windy Gyle Band
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