ALICE BURN – has played pipes for 10 years. For seven of those she has
been tutored by Anthony and is the most accomplished piper of her
generation. In great demand as a solo performer she is also a member of
“Folkestra”. She plays a 17 key G chanter by Colin Ross who also made her
17 key (Clough pattern) F chanter. Her right thumb and left little finger are
dazzlingly dextrous and she joined Emily Hoile  as a finalist in 2008 Young
Folk Musician of the Year
PAUL KNOX – is a recent graduate of the Folk Degree course in Newcastle.
A member of “King Cole” and the “Kingsmen” Rapper side he often  assists
Anthony as pipes tutor at The Sage Gateshead. His dedication to, and
understanding of, his own tradition belies his youthful years. He delights in a
great tune played thoughtfully and steadily giving time for ornamentation and
musicality to shine through.
NIKKI WILLIAMSON –  is a graduate of the Folk Degree course.
Vastly experienced and knowledgeable, she is a first-rate tune-
smith and plays with that extra touch of magic which separates
her from the crowd and ensures that three different bands are
often in competition for her talents. Now building up a growing
reputation as fiddle teacher both privately and in Sunderland
Schools she is becoming an important figure in the music of the
region. Her knowledge of, and commitment to, the repertoire of
Northumberland and the Borders gives her the perfect
springboard to bring that extra touch of sparkle and  lift to the
HEATHER ROBB – became hooked on traditional music in 2000
and studied in Stewart Hardy's workshops for 5 years.  She has
focused on music of the North East and developed an amazingly
discerning ear for this music. She began playing duets with Anthony
in early 2006  and joined him in New Zealand in January 2007 where
she ran Northumbrian fiddle and dance workshops. She married
Anthony in April 2007, has taken up the smallpipes and joined
Anthony on the "Cool Breath Tour" of New Zealand in 2009. Now a
member of  "The Castle Band" she worked with Anthony as fiddle
tutor with "Border Box".
ANTHONY ROBB –  has been a leading light in piping circles for
over 35 years. Involved with the “Cut & Dry” albums on Topic
Records in the 70s he obtained a set of pipes for a young fiddler
(Kathryn Tickell) who joined his pipes classes at Wallsend Arts
Centre. His teaching and performing has continued and has taken
him to America, Austria, Germany, Ireland and New Zealand.
Three times co-director of Folkworks Adult Summer School he
teaches pipes on the Folk Degree as is a regular pipes tutor at
The Sage Gateshead. He was privileged to be co-director of the
New Zealand "Cool Breath Tour" in 2009 and is also a member of
“The Castle Band” whose leader, Colin Bradford, snapped this
photo  in the Shetlands.
From Richard Heard's review of the Band's first gig at The Chantry Morpeth
(Nortnumbrian Pipers Society Newsletter Nov.2007)

"The music was indeed stunning.  Starting with Alistair Anderson’
s “Windy Gyle” itself (played in unison, then with harmonies, and
then as a slip jig combined with the original tune), the band
brought to effervescent life several of the tunes on their CD, as
well as tunes they are currently working on.  The introductions to
the tunes revealed a deep respect for our rich Northumbrian
musical tradition, as well as the sound underlying research and
some delightful anecdotes about players and incidents associated
with them.....the concert was superb..."
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Northumbrian pipes used by
Windy Gyle Band .
Photographs; Alice Burn and Anthony Robb
Photograph by Stephen Cooper (
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"Until I heard you play today I'd have
said the only use for pipes like that
was for firewood". GEORGE ATKINSON
NPS competitions 1971
The Primitives
Tunes on single octave
Northumbrian Smallpipes
played by
Anthony Robb