Photos from Way Back
David Hillery, Anthony and Gerry Murphy winners of the Folk
Group Competition Morpeth Gathering 1969
Carole, Kathryn and Anthony
at Mount Hooley Cottage
Piping in the sternof a very small boat in
the Western Isles 1971
Carole, Alistair and Anthony lead the Whittingam march against test drilling for Nuclear
storage in the Cheviots. (Circa 1978) (Our two eldest , Jamie and Megan are in the pushchair)
The wonderfully talented Ron Elliot,
inspiration and early hero, often used
humour to surmount  beginner frustrations!
Mike Nelson plays my Hedworth ivory
G set for Decima
Willie Taylor, Richard Evans and Alex Calinescu
in session at Rothbury
Joe Hutton listening to every note
Mike Nelson and Nick Leeming win the
duets  at Rothbury circa 1989
The Legends! Tom and Henry Clough
In session at The Turks Head Rothbury with
Susan Cato & Annie Robson
Anthony with  
Anderson at
the Durham
circa 2001
"The Daisy Dale Band" winning the Penbal Crag trophy at the NPS annual
competitions held at The Laing Art Gallery in 1981 (L-R: Neil Smith, Carole &
Anthony Robb, Kathryn Tickell, Robin Dunn)
(Thanks to Ian Lawther for the photo)
The same boat at Lowestoft during a month long trip from
Sunderland to the Ijsselmeer and Ostend. Piper Gerry
Murphy and my twin Michael drying out after a 48 hour gale.
It was a very small boat and we were probably quite mad!
Many thanks to Bill and Ina Hedworth for
making all this possible in the first place!
Jerry O'Sullivan in
Flannery's Bar New York
The Manhattan “Welly” Pipes
make their North Hero debut
Alan Jones playing the
Half-longs at North Hero
Professor Burt Feintuch (2nd left) and friends
North Hero 1990
Jean-Christophe Maillard with Musette and friends, North Hero 1991
Iain MacDonald at Rothbury Festival
with Jamie Robb looking on and Steve Barwick at very close quarters
Brueghel pipes alive and
sounding well at North Hero
Concentration from Peter Galvin and Nicole Buxeda at Tuakau
New Zealand Pipers with Heather & Anthony at Helen Capes' home at Tuakau