Mike Nelson’s : www.mike-nelson.co.uk
This site is packed with useful information about pipe making, reed making and has
examples of Mike’s other stunning instruments

Rothbury Festival site : www.rothbury-traditional-music.co.uk
Alistair Anderson has some important info on this site. With lots of good things happening in
the Rothbury area it should prove of interest to locals and visitors alike

Colin Bradford’s : www.northumbrian.info
Colin is involved with many groups and societies.
This site deals with the main ones.

Kathryn Tickell’s  : www.kathryntickell.com
A site packed with information about Kathryn’s amazing contribution top the piping scene

The Northumbrian Pipers Society : www.northumbrianpipers.org.uk
The society has done wondrous work to promote the pipes and this site shows some of it